Two more stone pendants

One with a Celtic silver piece, and another wrapped in amber.

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Sea stone pendant

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Sea Stones into jewellry

Two stones hang from a fine silver torc.

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Cape Cod Sea Stones

These are stones I found in the surf on Cape Cod.  Bringing them home, I have drilled holes and they are ready for new new ideas and inspirations.

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June update

I am the featured artist in the June newsletter of a wonderful shop in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Check out:

Photos and new ideas to follow soon. I am off exploring Cape Cod. The beach rocks are so beautiful and are inspiring me to new creations! I think more crowns are to follow inspired by the sea…

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It has been a long time since I added anything new into my blog. I have had a fantastic summer, which has quickly become autumn. This summer I was privileged to spend a few weeks in Scotland. I fell in love with the scenery and the people. I suppose I was influenced by the Scottish Crown Jewels I saw at Sterling Castle…

This crown is formed on a silver base decorated with pearls, fluorite, Peruvian opals, and crystals. It is just simply fun, as I really do not know of any occasion to wear such a bit of frivolity. It is currently on display at the Muse Gallery in Longmont, Colorado until the end of December.

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Chain Mail Necklace with Chalcedony

This is a fairly simple pattern by chain mail standards, made of 16 gauge sterling links and faceted chalcedony stones. It hangs nicely, as it final weight is 175g (6.15oz.) solid sterling. I have a very healthy respect for those who have worn a full chain mail shirt of vest. A lovely necklace is the only form of chain mail I wish to wear.

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Torc Necklace

This is a torc styled necklace of fine silver. It is hinged in the back, allowing it to be put on with ease. It is a simple piece, and was recently purchased. I hangs very nicely, and the two forged “squiggles” add interest.

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Chandelier Earrings

These earrings I created just for fun. They are made of pearls, crystals, and chalcedony. What I enjoy most, is the photo which was a joint effort of three talented friends of mine. Thank you Ani, Budge, and Ali!

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Knitted Silver Collar with PMC Elements

This knitted necklace was an experiment. I knitted the silver, and then worked in PMC for interest. I knew that fine silver would fuse with PMC, both being pure silver, and wanted to see it happen. When fired, it did all fuse together! I did not know if the wire would be too fine, and melt in the firing process. It is very exciting, and even now the possibilities are a bit intoxicating… I added a small bezel with a cubic zirconia for a bit of fun. Originally the necklace was all knitted, but I did not like the effect, and so cut and using a torch, fused in more fine silver wire. I somehow was able to fit in a spiral or two. The finished piece has an old Roman or Celtic feel. It reminds me of a torc necklace, so perhaps I shall create a true torc for my next piece…

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